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Follow these simple rules to be a good vacation rental guest

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When you are going for a vacation rental, you are staying in somebody’s home and hence you must have a control on your behavior so that you can leave an impression that a good guest has come. Many people behave unruly which leaves a bad impression on the mind of the room owner. Just follow these simple rules to be a good guest when you are going for a vacation rental.

  1. Read their listings carefully – Facilities available in a vacation rental may not be same as offered by a hotel room. Facilities like toiletries, Wi-Fi, free breakfast, coffee may not be available in the vacation rental home. Moreover, if their rooms have space of sleeping for two persons and you may have landed with four guests, then it will invite trouble. To avoid confrontation at the spot, read their listings carefully so that you get a clear idea about what the vacation rental is offering. You can plan your trip and luggage accordingly.
  2. Ask in details – Before making the booking, inform the owner about the size of the travel party and verify with him other necessary details. Does he have any problem if you carry a pet or does he have any car parking space, etc.?
  3. Try to get an idea of the host – Some hosts are very social and may help you to hang around in the local area, help you in sightseeing. On the other hand, some will simply wash his hands off. If you want to spend some quiet time with your friends or wife or partner, then the second type of host will be the perfect option for you.
  4. Be specific about your arrival time – Remember that the owner is not a hotel front desk member and will wait for you for the whole day. Inform him or her about the specific time of your arrival, especially your arrival time is around midnight or later.
  5. Leave the things as it is – Many guests have a tendency of damaging the things of the host before leaving the place. Use them, but do not damage them before leaving. If you find anything damaged at the time of arrival, just inform him so that no dispute arises.

Share the schedule – If you find that your schedule may hamper his daily routine or life activities, then share your daily schedule with the host so that inconvenience can be avoided from both ends.

Why vacations are good for health and mind?

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We all know that a human being needs a vacation. A vacation is the most suitable option to kick-start a journey or to improve mental health. A vacation can also be called as a recovery period. Now vacation is a perfect option to reduce mental stress level which may eventually turn into a headache and sickness. Relaxation may be a choice to reduce the spike of stress hormone or to get back your health in a balanced position.

So, now we have to know that vacations are really good for health or not? If you search the topic on the web, you will find several results to relate the actual benefit of vacation. The very first benefit of taking a vacation is that it will give quality time to relax your body. Relaxation is one of the main boosts which can help your body to lower the level of stress hormone. So, vacation is very much good for human health and to refresh the mind. It will help the brain to feel good and maintain the mood balance.

According to a recent research result, a fact came out that a short period of three to four days can turn into a powerful and beneficial vacation. An appropriate physical activity during the vacation can give your health a positive boost. There are some other benefits which a vacation can give you to benefit your health.  First of all, it will give proper sleep without having any tension from your work. Next, you can do your exercise to maintain your body. Even, you can make a plan for your next vacation and everything in a totally relaxed mood. Last but not least, you can restore your social connections. In conclusion, it can be said that a vacation is very much helpful for health restoration.